Welcome to the WTF? Friday featured section of latenyte.com.  I couldn’t take it any longer…  I had to create a category for everything I see and shoot that makes me want to say what the foto?  If I come across something while doing research on the web, in the library or out in the field that doesn’t belong or is out of place, I will put it here.  I am pretty sure this category doesn’t need any further explanation.

It is my way of saying have a good weekend, hopefully with a smile on your face.  I introduced my WTF?’s last year and had 7 submissions that got great responses.  So I am going to up my ante and provide one every week.  I don’t go out looking for them, because they might not blow my mind the same.  Enough with the explanations, let’s get to the head scratching…

These are of course the most recent. If you would like to see the entire collection, click on the image below.

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