Welcome to latenyte photography’s Moonlit Monthly Photo Challenge!

Every month there will be a new challenge subject for submissions and all submissions must follow a few simple rules.  The Moonlit Monthly Photo Challenge subject for January 2019 is…”Color”.  I would like to see how well you can capture color with low light.  If you have never attempted a shot by moonlight before and want to give it a go, awesome.  Shoot, if you don’t have a camera use your cellphone.  There are no requirements to make a submission other than following the rules.

If you have never shot via moonlight and would like a few tips, YouTube is full of videos.  Not everyone likes to read the instructions.  Here is a link to Karl Taylor’s video on YouTube titled “Photography Under Moonlight“.  It’s a pretty good video discussing the setup of a night shot highlighted by the moon.


  • Only your first submission of the month will be judged as your entry, so make it count.
  • Your submission must be an original piece that you produced.
  • The moon is not required to be in the shot, but can be if you like.
  • There can be no artificial source of light from you.  If it takes batteries, plugs in or has a switch you can’t use it.  Only the creative use of the light from the moon and from using light being wasted from other sources can be used.  Trust me I have seen some pretty crazy setups to capture and redistribute moonlight.  ( I am not going to be the light police, you know who you are.)
  • Tag your submission with #latenytemmpc
  • Post in the comments for the month, a link to your submission.  That is it.
  • Submissions will be accepted during the first 3 weeks of the month.
  • The last week of the month will be voting for the winner with the winner being announced in the 1st week of the following month.
  • Winners get bragging rights and exposure for your work.
  • **All submissions of original work are protected by copyright laws and should not be reproduced without the permission from it’s owner.**