cryptotab browser review

You may have seen a banner on my site promoting the cryptotab browser. You might dismiss it as just another ad and ignore it. What you are missing out on is a way to earn bitcoin for free, without having to lift a finger(after setup).

I have used it successfully for the last 15 months. I’ve also referred two friends to the opportunity. Cryptotab browser is basically Chrome with the cryptotab plugin. You set the level of how much you would like to mine and leave the browser running.

Whenever your browser is running you are earning bitcoins, without losing performance, based on your setting. With the friends I referred, my bitcoin revenue has doubled. In 15 months, there has been no spamming, viruses or malware infecting my computers. Any device that runs Chrome can potentially be a gold mine.

How do I do it?

  • Click one of the above images to download the browser add-on.
  • Install cryptotab browser.
  • Restart device/computer.
  • Sign up for an account.
  • Open browser and click on the orange dot with a “C” in it.
  • Set how much you would like to mine. (When using the computer you can slow down your mining. If you are going away from device you can throttle it all the way up.).
  • Mine for as little or long as you want by leaving your browser running.

Bitcoin NEWS

I would not be promoting cryptotab browser if it was something I didn’t trust to run myself, daily. The most recent news on bitcoin, when this is written, is that bitcoin reaching 100k in the future is not that crazy.

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