Forced to Break the Law

I started this hashtag last year, #forcedtobreakthelaw, as it describes how I feel is the only way to get help. I started my journey to getting well back in 2016 and I am but a mere step closer to my goal since then. My photography is my outlet of distraction, keeping my mind off of the negative stuff. My goal is to get assessed to find out what is wrong, so I can be treated properly. I haven’t had any formal testing ever. It has all been guessing, and making me a medication lab rat.

In this section of my site I will have more of the behind the scenes story about the photographer, and my challenges. With that said, here are the sections I have so far:

I feel like I’m stuck in a nightmare and cant wake up. Putting this info out there is the very last thing I wanted to do. I dont like the attention and don’t want to be famous. Unfortunately, what I’m dealing with is invisible and almost everyone judges with their eyes. I’m hoping that someone who speaks my language, reads this and wants to help. I’m on a deadline and it is rapidly approaching. If I miss the deadline , it is game over and I basically tortured myself to death for the last five years.

The is not fiction or remotely close to a fairy tale. This is how a citizen gets treated in his own country when others dont understand him. The sad part of the story, everyone who told me they couldn’t help me, could have helped. What stopped them? Only one reason, money. Money is now more important than people to doctors.

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