Young Bigfoot?

So I was kicking back to rest after a short long day and I got this feeling like something was watching me. Boy oh boy there was something alright. Everything got oddly quiet around camp, like the birds knew something that I didn't. I slowly turned my head to the right, and there it was... Continue Reading →

Letting the Silt Settle

Sorry about the flare. Regulations are tough in these parts. This isn't part of the regulations, just trying to keep the rocks from being slippery. Its good for test pans too. None of my mud from walking around gets in the river either.

Hole 2 Day 1

I went down to the river yesterday. I figured with it just drizzling, I should at least go move some rocks. There is always rocks to be moved. It took me an hour and a half to get to the river. I was surprised to see that the water hadn't really risen after the rains,... Continue Reading →

See anything wrong?

I can see something wrong, and it's not my construction. How about in this one? Or in these? Got a bear cub scratching up the trees around camp. Ahh. It's probably the rain washed my Catnip #8 off around camp. Time to go spray a fresh coat...

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