The Prosecutor Called…

I’ve been up since 06:00. I figured I would get caught up on my messages in my email and voice mail. I had one new voice message from a number I’ve never called. It was over a minute long which is unusual.

I hit the play button to hear it on speaker since nobody else can listen. It was a call from the prosecutor’s office with brief explanation and a cry for help. Well the shoe is finally on the other foot, except that I help when asked. In case you haven’t read about this part of the story, I will get you caught up.

  • 2016 – I quit drinking after more than three decades with help.
  • 2017 – While recovering, in treatment, my house was burglarized three different times.
  • Everything in the house was tipped over, broken or taken.
  • The police did nothing, my house is still unlivable, because I’m not physically able to do the work.
  • I have an anxiety attack every time I get near my own house.
  • There is no water, power, internet or phone.
  • Holes in the walls and ceiling, with black mold everywhere.

To someone in my position there is no solution. I can’t clean it up or even be around it. The last time I drove home to my own house I caught a burglarer breaking in to my garage window and almost had a heart attack. How can this ever be my home again?

The featured photo is my bedroom one month ago. This photo here is what they did to my family room. My blood starts to boil when anyone says the word home. This is just one of the thousand things that I have to battle with daily.


The stuff I got back was broke or ruined. Since the police took no evidence, no photos or prints. I was the person who tracked down the culprit and gave his location to the police. The jackass they busted didn’t show for court on the burglary charges, go figure. Then they couldn’t find him. Sounds like they should have hired me.

No they have him picked up on something else and the prosecutor wanted to know if I was still in the area and wanted to help. Gee whiz Wally, do you think I should help them.

Send him to the chair! Of course I can be in your area to help. What would you do if you came home and your whole house was turned upside down?

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