Let me be clear!

In no way is what I am doing fun. This isn't an extended camping trip for me either. This is not a protest, blackmail, conspiracy or threat. I'm tired of living among nosey people that are more interested in what others are doing or playing with their stuff. I really don't have stuff anymore. I... Continue Reading →

All clear…

I stayed out until 10 pm at my lookout. No signs of people where I thought. That is good news. The even better news is, from my lookout I have a clear view of the area within 3 miles from camp and I saw no campfire smoke. I thought I was sore this morning. Now... Continue Reading →

Stealth Recon

8 pm here and it sounds like I have a neighbor. Over the course of a few minutes someone just fired three rounds from a rifle really close to me. Maybe 1/2 - 3/4 miles away. If my spider sense is right, I know exactly where they are. More than likely they are down a... Continue Reading →

WTF? #11 Squirrel Olympics

WARNING! The following image should be available to everyone of all ages. This is real life, and life happened today. I don't know if everyone even knows that there is a Squirrel Olympics. That is crazy to me as they have been running over 100 years. I'm not sure of the exact date or where... Continue Reading →

Shelter Day 1

It's not that I'm lazy or procrastinate, but I can only do things in short intervals. Yesterday I worked on my shelter a bit. I did what I could for 10-15 minutes at a time and then take a hour break. Standing, bending over, reaching and digging all cause me great pain. I know consciously... Continue Reading →

Just like that…

I left the house this morning before the 5 am news came on. I stopped at the 76 station to use my kickback rewards card to get 10.92 in free gas. With my nerves in high gear I hit the highway. It only took me 16 minutes to get to the first gate. I drove... Continue Reading →

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