Let me be clear!

In no way is what I am doing fun. This isn’t an extended camping trip for me either. This is not a protest, blackmail, conspiracy or threat.

I’m tired of living among nosey people that are more interested in what others are doing or playing with their stuff. I really don’t have stuff anymore. I don’t care what others are doing and when you have the opposite of hearing loss, the more people and stuff there is the more unbearable the noise is.

Let me start with the potholes. Yeah the truckers think I’m their hero, but the real reason I’m doing them is because they are really the only noise makers out here. So for the sake of my sanity I’m going to fill the potholes on the way to camp so the loggers won’t disturb me and the wildlife as much.

Trust me, the difference in the truck noise from Wednesday till today is almost night and day. The waving at the drivers is all misdirection. Today when I went out, I snuck out all the way to the second gate. I waited for the next truck to come and then I started hiking up the road( to give the impression that I hike in everyday.

At about 3 pm this afternoon, I hiked from where I was working, all the way back to the 1/2 mile marker so that a few trucks would see me hiking out at the end of the day.

I thought they might be done for the day, so to stall my hike back to camp I did a little exploring at this end of the road and found a bunch of cool stuff not on my maps, or I just didn’t notice it.

The doctors won’t give me any solutions, testing or medication. I am out here because being in a populated area makes me want to carve my ears out. Out here where there is a lot less noise, I have much less anxiety and am the one responsible for staying alive, instead of a receptionist getting to decide whether I live of die.

If you are just starting to read about #forcedtobreakthelaw, this link will take you to the root of part of the story. Forced to Break the Law.

3 thoughts on “Let me be clear!

  1. Is that because you finally got one of my packages I sent you?

    For the last few months, every Monday morning, I would send you a basket full. I’ll put an occasional odd smirk in too, to keep you on your toes…


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